Belly Dance

About Sahara Nights

Sahara Nights is Vancouver’s best belly dance duo! Formed in 2008, they have been performing together at Vancouver parties and events ever since. Their appearances include The Vancouver Club, The Pacific National Exhibition, and at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

In 2013 they were featured on Canada’s Got Talent, making it to the the showcase round. In 2014 they appeared together at the Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive.

Whether you would like a performance at a wedding, engagement party, or a birthday party, their performance is sure to impress. They have a deep understanding of the right music, costumes, and feeling for your event. No two performances are ever the same and they seek to make your event distinctive and special for you.

Why hire two dancers? Sahara Nights performs as a duo because some events call for that “Wow factor”. For events with over 200 guests, large ballroom events and gala events, having two performers gives the audience a better chance at interaction with the dancer as they work their way through the crowd for the audience participation part of the performance. No one has to feel left out!

Belly dance is, by it’s nature, an approachable and interactive dance. Often the best part of the performance is that special moment when guests find themselves on their feet, filled with a rhythm that they didn’t know they possessed. Such is the magic and connection of dance. This is the feeling Sahara Nights strives to bring to all their performances! Let us work our magic with you!


Leslie is a Vancouver belly dancer available for parties in Vancouver, Surrey, and the Lower Mainland. She has appeared in more than 100 weddings and gala events in her career. She loves getting audiences on their feet to enjoy the music and break the ice at parties.

While having a belly dancer at your party is often surprise, the bigger surprise is the artistry and grace that Leslie brings to her shows. She is not only a dancer, but an entertainer. Like any entertainer, she puts her soul into her dancing because she loves to connect with audiences. Don’t be surprised if when she takes the stage you find yourself on your feet, moving uncontrollably to the rhythm of the drum.

Specializing in sword balancing and silk veil work, she has a flexibility and timing that is sure to impress. Her education in the art of middle eastern dance helps her choose the right music and costume for any event. No two parties are ever the same! As artistic director for Sahara Nights Belly Dance, she took home the first place award in the Duo category for Sahara Nights sword performance at the 2017 Dance Orientale Competition in Washington.

Trained in ballet, jazz, latin dance, and Brazilian Samba, Leslie is also an accomplished choreographer.


Heidi’s powerful and energetic style has brought many an audience to their feet. Trained in Ballet and Contemporary dance, her technical brilliance fuses with belly dance to bring a distinctive and athletic style.

Her performances are a whirlwind of energy, combining traditional belly dance techniques with a modern twist that will leave you breathless. She is not just a dancer she is a true entertainer! Whether it’s a high-energy nightclub, a festival, or a special event, Heidi’s mighty and infectious energy will make it an unforgettable experience.

Heidi is also a professional fitness model and was recently crowned the 4th place in the WBFF Worlds bikini competition.