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Vancouver’s Hottest Samba

Leslie is a Vancouver Samba dancer performing around the Lower Mainland including Surrey, Burnaby and Coquitlam. She dances Samba in a variety of settings from restaurants, to concert halls, to the competition stage at Samba Queen USA held annually in Phoenix Arizona. She is a choreographer for both solo and group performances for festival stages and trained with some of the leading dancers from Brazil.

Samba is the iconic Dance of Carnaval. Those who understand it say it is not only a dance but a feeling. It describes the joy of being at a good party and connecting to those around you. It is energetic and sassy, powerful and bursting with life. The colourful costumes, driving beats and intricate footwork make it a pleasure to watch.  You can’t help but move your body!  Samba embodies the spirit and sass of femininity. It manages to be sensual but maintains sophistication and style. There is a reason the best performers are called “Samba Queens”!

Performances are available with or without live drumming. Inquire today for bookings for wedding and corporate events! A variety of costuming options are available, from traditional Rio style bikini, to more modest costuming for conservative audiences. Whatever you choose, our costumes are guaranteed to impress. Performances always include audience participation and are family friendly. We work with you to create the best performance for your event. For those who are too shy to join us on the dance floor, performers always make time to pose for photos with guests at the end of their set.

Samba can light your soul on fire.  It draws you into another world where anything is possible!

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